I feel like a rogue planet. Free-floating, orphan, ejected from my yet undiscovered real life. Fed up with being a misfit, I want to change this situation. This blog is the answer. From now on I have a life goal: posting like a maniac the ideas I think, the opinions I have, the feelings I feel.


HEY, GUYS, if any of you want to read my posts and make any comments on them, you are welcome!

I want to quit my real job in a few months’ time and be a freelance writer. Does anybody need an educated and creative neurotic woman? I must be good at something, I presume. What a dream, living  franksinatraly (my way)!. Yes, I love making up words, combining them in a colourful melange.

One of my favourite outfits: I adore classic science fiction films. I would love to go out dressed like this. Notice this cosmic headdress, ideal for acoustic illusions, with those pretty cylinders put together and protecting the auricular pavilions.



Stunning!. Don’t you love her delicate wiry headdress? Not to speak of her faux (I hope) fur stole over her minidress. The guy’s outfit is also versatile: once he has brought the autopilot on (dear George!), he’s ready to do some fencing.

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