I live in my words

My name is Desorbitada. In Spanish the word “desorbitado(a)”, taken literally, means «orbitless», as there is a prefix – “des”- before the root word orbit. Therefore, Desorbitada is Orbitless. No orbit at all. This is me.

On the other hand, it is also an adjective which means disproportionate, excessive, exorbitant or exaggerated. You could also use all these words to describe my character and personality traits.

If you are reading these lines, you have entered the blog I live in, my golden virtual abode. I invite you all to share this blogging adventure that I begin in September 2016. I hope it lasts all my life long (WARNING: I come from a very long-lived family).

I don’t like to label myself. I wouldn’t know what to say either. Mental confusion is my middle name. The specific data that reveal unimportant details about me such as my real name, my age, the city I live in, my marital status and what I do for a living are sleep-inducing, very boring. I am I and what is around me, that is to say my posts. If you read them, you will quickly find answers.

Instead of Desorbitada my name could also have been Ms Cartesian Doubt. The philosopher and I both doubt the truth of everything. All the people out there who feel absolutely certain of anything, please, write to me soon and TELL ME YOUR TIPS AND TRICKS.


My dear kindred spirit (as Anne of Green Gables would have said): the French philosopher René Descartes. I DON’T WANT TO DOUBT EVERYTHING!!!. I WANT TO FEEL CERTAIN ABOUT IT ALL (this is my desperate cry)

I am bored to death. I am so bored that I have a constant underlying feeling that I am going to die very soon. You can die from boredom, literally. I think the more bored I am, the more likely I am to die prematurely. “How did she die? – asked everybody at my funeral.” Wait until the autopsy is performed” – said my beloved husband suspecting the truth. When the pathologist opened my body cavity he found a big black hole inside. All my organs disintegrated by this consuming feeling of ennui.


No matter how hard I try, I can’t do it! I know, I know…I usually try it in the bathroom, when nobody is around…

The boredom in my real life is completely justified. I hate my job. Curiously, a lot of people would kill to have a job like mine. They even pay for training courses. I know it very well, as I am one of these trainers. I train people to get jobs like mine. The problem is my job does not match my personality.

I have a creative mind, I can’t help it. My mind has a life of its own and is the worst fit for a job like mine. So I have started this blog. Every single day, if possible, I will unleash my phobias, fears, addictions, obsessions, compulsions and routines.


On my Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias list there is this one: I am filled with revulsion when I see a tiny metal object on any surface. It has to be only one and very small. When there is a heap of metallic objects, even if they are very small, then I don’t mind, I don’t feel sick.


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